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The Wolf of War

Campaign Diaries

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This is a fictional character.

Mortal: Carver is about five foot four with a stocky build. He has dull red hair in crew cut, a square face, hard brown eyes, and bent nose from where it was broken. His skin is pale, but darkens easily if he spends time outdoors. There is a tattoo of a stylized wolf’s head on his right forearm and a burn scar that looks like a line going from just below his shirt collar down his chest until it is about even his nipples.
Unless playing sports he dresses in a colored long sleeve shirt, tie, and slacks. The pattern and design of the tie sometimes indicate what sort of mood he is in.

Faerie: Garm is slightly wider in the shoulders then his mortal self but not really different in build. He has slate gray skin, red eyes, yellowed nails, and teeth stained from smoking and other things. Garm keeps his red hair in a crew cut and the tattoo of a stylized wolf’s head is sometimes visible from the top. The white scar tissue from his brandings is clearly visible against the skin. (His right shoulder blade is branded with a rune for war and his left pectoral with a rune for knowledge.)
When he bothers with chemircal clothing it tends to be an infantry uniform from the British Expeditionary Force in the Great War with the insignia removed and more modern boots. His cap is an army surplus beret with the patch removed, but he only wears it when dressing formally.